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Everyday with God in Victory

Alpha Hour began on February 8, 2022, after God’s servant Pastor Agyemang Elvis had a vision where he saw many people including dignitaries sleeping in a meeting and he began to wake them up. After this vision, he had a strong desire to begin a prayer ministry. Also, he had another vision where he received the name Alpha meaning the beginning hence the name Alpha Hour and the reason why the prayers are held at 12 am GMT.

It started on Zoom online with a few hundred joining on the first day. Today over 80,000 devices worldwide join the online prayers at 12 am GMT with 3 television stations and over 60 radio stations. Alpha Hour: Every Day with God is Every Day in Victory 

Pastor Agyemang Elvis is the founder and lead pastor of Grace Mountain Ministry, based in Accra, Ghana. He is the convener of the prayer revival movement, Alpha Hour. Alpha Hour broadcasts live every weekday on Facebook, Alpha Hour also broadcasts television and radio on Alpha TV, Genesis TV, Onua TV, and over 60 affiliate radio stations nationwide. His ministry is marked with signs, wonders, and testimonies of God’s goodness. He is also known for his teachings on marriage and relationships under the Love Clinic ministry.